Thursday, May 13, 2010

An overview of this quarter’s GFI releases

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It is difficult to provide a behind-the-scenes view in the GFI advertising team’s existing projects, considering that almost everything we do is all about pushing out the GFI message, while using goal of gaining as significantly visibility as achievable; so the fruit of our operate is commonly offered at front-of-house!

Within the runs appropriate now are a range of launches. This quarter started with the launch of our revamped GFI Partner Plan on April 12 followed by the much-awaited release of GFI Backup 2010 – Company Edition 3 days later, our new quickly and fuss-free backup, restore and synchronization answer for tiny and medium-size businesses. Both were launched internationally in English, with translation operates at present inside mix to roll them out in numerous languages as soon as possible.

Meanwhile our energies are remarkably focused on the 10-language launch of GFI MAX MailProtection and GFI MAX MailEdge which kicks off on April 26 and comprises a mix of partner seminars across various EMEA locations, webinars, live press events and additional all through the quarter! Our spreadsheets to coordinate the mailers, web pages, documentation, revenue and advertising collateral, travel, accommodation and event plans, and so on are a riot of multi-coloured rows. They are pored more than and heartily discussed by marketing and advertising team members in Dundee, Staines, Boston and San Gwann (Malta), not to mention several GFI Channel Income Managers located around Europe. Coupled with this can be our start on the Spanish and Italian variations of GFI MAX RemoteMangement.

Coming up in May perhaps are GFI MailEssentials 2010 and GFI EventsManager 2010 – new variations of our on-premise anti-spam and event log management solutions. GFI MailEssentials will now also offer you greylisting, spam quarantine and auto-log rotation though delivering enhanced overall performance; and GFI EventsManager will now support situations auto-archiving in parallel with events processing (to ensure archived events are stored into files although the database hosts important occasions only); an improved upon dashboard with real-time details about what's happening around the network – e.g., failed logons, logons outside normal functioning hours, Windows support status and essential situations – and different new reports, too as enhanced usability and efficiency.

We're also gearing up to ship a couple of point releases ahead of this quarter ends – inside form of GFI LANguard 9.5 and GFI EndPointSecurity 4.3 – at the same time being a main new function for GFI MAX RemoteManagement.

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