Thursday, May 13, 2010

I spy with my little eye…

I came across a quite interesting post by Peter Cochrane that need to send shivers down the spine of anybody reading it. And when you are a safety expert, I’d advocate grabbing the chair closest to you.

It reads like the script of the 1960s comedy spy movie but to anybody operating in protection and accountable for an organization’s information it can be a incredibly realistic account of how security is becoming breached on a day-to-day basis and why data loss and identity theft are on the rise.

Individuals are the weakest link; we’ve recognized that for many years, and whilst staff were being confined to their desk and IT administrators could manage what they had been performing, the risks had been minimal.

Yet the minute organizations set their staff free of charge to roam with their laptops, PDAs, smartphones, memory sticks as well as the entire range of mobile devices (or running around using the latest Apple iPhone prototype), they stated goodbye to security and their facts .

Your reply to that may well be, “but now we’re hardening gadgets and using encryption”.

Excellent, but not so excellent when your workers are using a train and blabbing to one another in regards to the company’s company plans, utilizing commercial wi-fi to access the corporate network and getting their time to kind in their username and password.

Either they do not give two hoots if somebody is listening to them or seeking over their shoulder or their concept of security is simply turning the essential in the door lock just before leaving the home.

How several times have you been sitting next to somebody using a plane or train and having a couple of furtive glances have managed to go through the spreadsheet on his laptop or the presentation she’s reading? Some men and women are much more mindful than others but I believe that the people pointed out in Peter Cochrane’s blog are representative of your growing security issue.

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