Thursday, May 13, 2010

Launching backup solution for small and medium-sized businesses

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We're pleased to announce that GFI has launched a rapidly, effective, full-featured network facts copy option, GFI Burn 2010 – Business enterprise Format, which applies comprehensive copy, restores and synchronizes functionality to all files, web, Microsoft SQL servers, and a lot more. You possibly can install GFI Burn 2010 – Enterprise Format in minutes and create backups with minimal effort, thanks to its intuitive wizard-driven, point-and-click configuration.

GFI Burn – Business enterprise Release have been intended with all the occupied IT administrator in brain and to make certain that the process to restore data is reputable, useful, rapidly and uncomplicated to deal with.

“The business release of GFI Burn has been created from the ground up while using occupied administrator in brain, making it possible for them to generate, assign, manage, analyze and run backup/restore responsibilities even remotely. This new option addresses several of the concerns that IT administrators voice when seeking at copy options just like vendor lock-in, complicated licensing along with the inability to develop a single backup or restore process that may be applied network-wide. GFI Copy is cost-effective, quickly and makes the whole backup/restore operation a a lot simpler task. We're re-defining the industry – do you really must devote $2000 per server? I think not and which is why GFI Copy – Enterprise Release retails* at only $288 for a single server and 5 workstations,” Scott additional.

“Every IT administrator understands how essential files backups are but a lot of businesses are nevertheless reluctant to develop network backups since they may be frequently considered complicated, time-consuming and high-priced largely as a result of the standard way back-up methods function. This just isn't so with GFI Copy. We have also focused heavily on the restore performance. Men and women back facts up each and every day but will restore only when. Consequently, the restore course of action has to get trustworthy, efficient, fast and devoid of any complexity or dependence within the back-up item,” Walter Scott, GFI’s CEO stated.

Although standard burn options will need a separate component to configure, manage and monitor tasks, GFI Burn 2010 – Business enterprise Edition lets you centralize all backup and restore operations – which includes status monitoring – via one particular web-based administration console interface.

In addition, GFI Back up 2010 – Organization Release uses normal Zip64 file format when instructed to compress and archive, enabling for information to get effortlessly restored ought to the software package not be installed on the machine or device expected for recovery. This features a good advantage more than other backup remedies which use a proprietary compression format, properly locking-in the user, mainly because administrators do not require GFI Copy solution set up to recover information from backups.

Why You Should Encrypt Your Email

Security is mostly hype, correct? You do not genuinely require to bother with all those people complex passwords, antivirus software, firewalls and this sort of. Its all just safety computer software vendors and protection consultants wanting to scare everyone so they are able to sell their solutions and providers.

I will not actually disagree with people statements at times. You'll find frequent sense steps everybody really should take to secure their computers and networks, but there's definitely no shortage of hype inside the news. Like the latest hot mutual fund- by the time it makes it into a newspaper or magazine it can be old news and most most likely too late in your case to react to anyway.

On the other hand, as one particular from the frequent sense measures that aren't pure hype you ought to take into account Email Encryption. If you're on holiday you may send a picture postcard to a good friend or loved ones member using a speedy "wish you had been here" type of message. But, if you might be writing a individual letter to that identical good friend or spouse and children member you would be far more inclined to seal it in an envelope.

If that you are mailing a check to pay a bill or maybe a letter telling a good friend or family member how the excess critical to your home is hidden below the large rock on the left with the back again porch you might use a security envelope with hatched lines to obfuscate or hide the contents from the envelope even superior. The post office presents quite a few other means of tracking messages- sending the letter certified, asking for a return receipt, insuring the contents of the package, etc.

Why then would you send private or confidential info in an unprotected email? Sending information much like the place of one's added house crucial beneath the significant rock towards left in the back again porch in an unencrypted mail will be the equivalent of writing it on a postcard for all to see.

Encrypting your mail will maintain all but the most dedicated hackers from intercepting and reading your private communications. Employing a private mail certificate just like the one particular freely obtainable from Thawte you'll be able to digitally hint your email in order that recipients can verify that its actually from you as properly as encrypt your messages to ensure that only the intended recipients can view it. Comodo is one more business offering no cost digital certificates for particular use. You possibly can obtain your no cost certificate by filling out a really short and basic registration form.

That in fact introduces an additional gain. By obtaining and employing a particular email certificate to digitally hint your messages it is possible to guide to stem the tide of spam and malware becoming distributed with your name. If your friends and family are conditioned to understand that communications from you are going to include your digital signature, when they acquire an unsigned message with your mail address spoofed as the source they are going to realize that its not actually from you and delete it.

The way typical e-mail encryption operates is that you have a public key and also a confidential essential (this sort of encryption can also be recognized as Public Key Infrastructure or PKI). You, and only you, may have and use your confidential key. Your public important is handed out to anybody you decide on as well as created publicly accessible.

If an individual wants to post you a message that is certainly meant only for you to see, they would encrypt it making use of your public essential. Your personal critical is essential to decrypt such a information, so even if someone intercepted the mail it will be useless gibberish to them. Whenever you post an e mail to a person else you can use your private important to digitally "sign" the message in order that the recipient may be sure it can be from you.

It can be critical to note that you just need to sign or encrypt all of this messages, not just the confidential or sensitive ones. In the event you only encrypt a single e-mail concept since it consists of your credit card data and an attacker is intercepting your e-mail traffic they'll see that 99% of your mail is unencrypted plain-text, and one concept is encrypted. Which is like attaching a bright red neon signal that says "Hack Me" to the message.

If you encrypt all of your communications it can be a significantly far more daunting task for even a dedicated attacker to sift via. Following investing the time and work into decrypting 50 communications that just say "Happy Birthday" or "Do you want to golf this weekend?" or "Yes, I agree" the attacker will most possibly not waste any more time on your email.

The tale of Gray Powell and the lost iPhone 4.0

Malware creators just adore a news story which has the best ingredients: a leading brand name, a prototype phone plus a thriving IT community just dying to hear what the hottest gadget is likely to be.

One Apple employee, named as Gray Powell, was unfortunate enough to forget his iPhone at the rear of him following spending an evening in the corporation of pals along with a couple of beers. Absolutely nothing new there, in the end folks leave mobile devices behind them with escalating frequency. The only trouble for the poor young man was that his was a prototype to the following generation in the iPhone.


Now which is one heck of a story and juicy ample for techies eager to study far more about this guy’s mishap and, additional importantly, what the next iPhone will look like. Sadly, it’s also a warm item for adware and spyware creators who see these ‘celebrity’ stories as fantastic opportunities to distribute their adware to persons whose fingers click on backlinks quicker than they can go through them.

Applying Google’s warm trends page and generating pages containing adware and spyware, they then use Seo to acquire their pages as high up in Google rankings as doable, hedging their bets that customers will click around the hyperlinks with out paying too a lot attention for the URL.

According to blogger Bogdan Calin, four out of 10 outcomes from a Google search for ‘Gray Powell’ turned up hyperlinks to malware-infected websites.

That is a method which includes been applied frequently from the past. The death of Michael Jackson saw hundreds of infected links popping up in Google searches and several fans of the Twilight series had been tricked into downloading what they believed was a full online version in the film.

The modus operandi, on the other hand, may be the very same. Clicking for the link effects in a pop-up warning the user that his or her machine is at risk of infection and also a recommendation to verify the program. As soon as they click ‘ok’ or ‘clean’ or ‘proceed’ (depending on which rogue-ware is getting distributed), the adware creates a report – that looks perfectly genuine – with the infections identified on that machine.

Concerned users then download the fake anti-virus software program to ‘clean’ the infection. You will find distinct variants from the adware and spyware and each and every a single is really a nasty piece of perform. To remove the adware, in particular individuals with the fake AV range, the creators request payment by credit card.

A nasty piece of operate indeed.

Infection with adware could be avoided if customers paid additional attention to the URLs and not just the title and description. Getting the most recent anti-virus definitions and anti-malware software program can also be critical.

Firms would also do well to make use of world-wide-web filtering and world-wide-web security software that would automatically block the back links just before the malware might be downloaded. Filtering of http site visitors can be a should nowadays due to the fact the majority of threats are web-based.

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Want to save money? Back up your data!

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Info is one on the greatest assets that an organization possesses and whilst managers are conscious of this gain they don’t do all which is needed to shield it, often as a result of financial fees; nonetheless, what they fail to realise are the better costs that the organization would incur should that data be lost.

The following whitepaper ‘Understand Information Backups and why SMBs have to have them’ explains the relevance behind backing up your organization’s data along with the issues that you can incur need to your information go missing without having backups offered.

Any business enterprise that cares concerning the security of its files wants to have an effective backup system to guard against inevitable information loss; as the up coming whitepaper ‘The Enterprise Implications of not having a Backup System: Where Companies get it Wrong’ explains the repercussions that a business could face need to their files be compromised and backups aren’t accessible.

GFI MAX featured in The Economic Report on IT Managed Services

As more companies look to improve efficiency and lower expenses by contracting with Managed Program Providers (MSPs) for their info technologies requires, the Economic Report examines how Application as a Support (SaaS) and Cloud Computing solutions, such as GFI MAX, have created previously complex and costly applications now deliverable in the significantly easier and more inexpensive way. As seen on FOX Organization News.


An overview of this quarter’s GFI releases

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It is difficult to provide a behind-the-scenes view in the GFI advertising team’s existing projects, considering that almost everything we do is all about pushing out the GFI message, while using goal of gaining as significantly visibility as achievable; so the fruit of our operate is commonly offered at front-of-house!

Within the runs appropriate now are a range of launches. This quarter started with the launch of our revamped GFI Partner Plan on April 12 followed by the much-awaited release of GFI Backup 2010 – Company Edition 3 days later, our new quickly and fuss-free backup, restore and synchronization answer for tiny and medium-size businesses. Both were launched internationally in English, with translation operates at present inside mix to roll them out in numerous languages as soon as possible.

Meanwhile our energies are remarkably focused on the 10-language launch of GFI MAX MailProtection and GFI MAX MailEdge which kicks off on April 26 and comprises a mix of partner seminars across various EMEA locations, webinars, live press events and additional all through the quarter! Our spreadsheets to coordinate the mailers, web pages, documentation, revenue and advertising collateral, travel, accommodation and event plans, and so on are a riot of multi-coloured rows. They are pored more than and heartily discussed by marketing and advertising team members in Dundee, Staines, Boston and San Gwann (Malta), not to mention several GFI Channel Income Managers located around Europe. Coupled with this can be our start on the Spanish and Italian variations of GFI MAX RemoteMangement.

Coming up in May perhaps are GFI MailEssentials 2010 and GFI EventsManager 2010 – new variations of our on-premise anti-spam and event log management solutions. GFI MailEssentials will now also offer you greylisting, spam quarantine and auto-log rotation though delivering enhanced overall performance; and GFI EventsManager will now support situations auto-archiving in parallel with events processing (to ensure archived events are stored into files although the database hosts important occasions only); an improved upon dashboard with real-time details about what's happening around the network – e.g., failed logons, logons outside normal functioning hours, Windows support status and essential situations – and different new reports, too as enhanced usability and efficiency.

We're also gearing up to ship a couple of point releases ahead of this quarter ends – inside form of GFI LANguard 9.5 and GFI EndPointSecurity 4.3 – at the same time being a main new function for GFI MAX RemoteManagement.

GFI MAX™ now available in Italian and Spanish

GFI MAX RemoteManagement is now readily available in Italian and Spanish. GFI MAX RemoteManagement provides Managed Program Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and IT help organizations the power to monitor and manage their clients’ networks, even though providing them having a recurring revenue stream.

MSPs use GFI MAX’s real-time techniques monitoring, automated daily health checks, asset tracking, patch management, own-brand customer reporting and remote assistance solutions to develop recurring revenues, drive down their operating expenses and deliver best-of-breed IT assist services.

The English version is currently becoming utilised by a lot of Italian and Spanish companies, on the other hand by well-known demand GFI has invested inside the localization on the goods in these two languages. GFI MAX RemoteManagement is also accessible in French and German.

GFI MAX offers a range of critical positive aspects to Channel partners, including:

* The capability to present superior, proactive assistance with round-the-clock client monitoring
* The probability to win more contracts by showing prospects ‘their’ superior method for client care along with the choice to customize devices with their branding which they could use as well
* An supplemental opportunity to sell to current customers to create much more cash by packaging characteristics
* A rapid and uncomplicated setup with minimal work and training; and no more hardware.

GFI MAX produces an uncomplicated, inexpensive option for IT service professionals and MSPs who are seeking to take better care of their customers at much less price.

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